All French furniture!


Can we still build beautiful things in France? My answer is yes, without the slightest hesitation! Let’s face it, however: it is not necessarily the easiest solution, but it is unquestionably the most beautiful and rewarding one.

The craftsmanship of our fascinatingly passionate cabinetmaker Mr Guillaume, our wood choices, metal legs, chair seats and of course our designs, I am very proud to tell you that all of those are well and truly made in France indeed!

 Savoir-faire and delectable qualities


Of course you might think that I am being partial, but I can assure you that each of our furniture items has so many qualities.First, each item always receives expert care from Mr Guillaume.

Second, all of our items benefit from high attention to detail during the finishing process.

The push-to-open and soft-close systems we use on our drawers offer comfort and easiness of use on a daily basis.

Similarly, Compact Monochrom coating makes our tables both sturdy and easy to maintain.

Finally before being shipped to their new homes, all of ours items are numbered and stamped with a well-deserved certificate of authenticity.