« Myinteriorwoods » collection

Inevitably there is always a part of oneself in everything we do. My furniture is no exception to this rule. First I create them for me, for my children, to receive my friends, my family. To put away all of the mess and let all that needs to be put away linger.


I imagine them for all those moments celebrating the “living together” from the small breakfasts full of chocolate to evenings with friends in front of the fire place through to Sundays when homework time drags on.


I design them in wood, sometimes with some metal and always with curves, rounded edges because anything sharp is hostile, and hostility is not welcome in a home. I draw them, polish them , forget them sometimes,  sketch over them again, 3D-ise them, before handing them over to Mr. Guillaume, who, in his studio, gives them life patiently and lovingly with his hands and tools.


There is obviously a lot of me in these furniture. Authenticity, a certain idea of the quality of work, craftsmanship and design of course.But above all, personality! They are my interior woods. Welcome them in your home, you will see, they will be just like caring friends.


Dark wood or light wood? New Scandinavian style or retro chic? Because life is a succession of choices, my collection is available in these two types of wood.

“Textile taught me the era. Furniture, time”

I come from a fashion designing world. A 14 year course during which I have breathed in each season, a fashion in time that I then translated into clothes… And then recreate all over again.


From that period I have kept the taste of beauty, of working with the material and observation. I have rejected the infernal cycle of collections and I chose to express my creativity in a more sustainable approach and more essential in my eyes: furniture.


It is through the wood, noble and living material that I found the ideal medium. It offers me an inexhaustible playground, allowing me to create meaningful objects that transmit stories through history.

They are here to dress our spaces and even more, I hope, our daily life.